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Sinclair Zx Spectrum roms

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-   T Bird (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic).zip
Hacked or Edited   T Bird (1991)(Virgin Mastertronic)[h].zip
-   Table Football (1983)(Budgie Budget Software).zip
-   Table Invaders (1985)(Stell Software)(Side A).zip
-   Table Invaders (1985)(Stell Software)(Side B).zip
-   Table Sums (1982)(Griffin Software).zip
-   Tachyon Command (1985)(Century City Software).zip
-   Taffy Turner (1985)(Brendan Kelly).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Taffy Turner (1985)(Brendan Kelly)[a2].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Taffy Turner (1985)(Brendan Kelly)[a].zip
-   Tag Team Wrestling (1992)(Zeppelin Games)(128k).zip
-   Tag Team Wrestling (1992)(Zeppelin Games).zip
-   Tai-Chi Tortoise (1991)(Zeppelin Games)(128k).zip
-   Tai-Chi Tortoise (1991)(Zeppelin Games).zip
-   Tai-Chi Tortoise (demo) (1991)(Zeppelin).zip
-   Tai-Pan (1987)(Erbe - Ocean Software)(Es)(Side A).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Tai-Pan (1987)(Erbe - Ocean Software)(Es)(Side A)[a].zip
-   Tai-Pan (1987)(Erbe - Ocean Software)(Es)(Side B).zip
-   Tai-Pan (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Tai-Pan (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a2].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Tai-Pan (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a].zip
-   Tai-Pan (1987)(Ocean Software).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Tai-Pan (1987)(Ocean Software)[a].zip
-   Taito Coin-Op Hits - Arkanoid + Arkanoid II - Revenge Of Doh (1989)(Imagine Software).zip
-   Taito Coin-Op Hits - Flying Shark + Rastan (1989)(Imagine Software).zip
-   Taito Coin-Op Hits - Legend Of Kage + Renegade (1989)(Imagine Software).zip
-   Taito Coin-Op Hits - Slap Fight + Bubble Bobble (1989)(Imagine Software).zip
-   Take 2 - Timebomb + Magic Meanies (19xx)(Blue Ribbon Software)(16k)(Side A).zip
-   Take 2 - Timebomb + Magic Meanies (19xx)(Blue Ribbon Software)(16k)(Side B).zip
-   Take 3 Sports (1988)(Blue Ribbon Software).zip
-   Take 4 (1982)(Unpublished).zip
-   Take 4 Games - Metabolis + Grumpy Gumphrey Supersleuth (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software).zip
-   Take 4 Games - Percy The Potty Pigeon + Sam Stoat Safebreaker (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software).zip
-   Take Five - Dusty Droid And The Garbage Gobblers + O.K. Yah! + Dont Say It, Spray It (19xx)(Pirate Software).zip
-   Take Five - Gangplank + Just Imagine (19xx)(Pirate Software).zip
-   Tales Of Mathematica, The (1990)(Zenobi Software)[Part 1 Of 2].zip
-   Tales Of Mathematica, The (1990)(Zenobi Software)[Part 2 Of 2].zip
-   Tales Of The Arabian Nights (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Tales Of The Arabian Nights (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software)[a2].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Tales Of The Arabian Nights (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software)[a].zip
-   Talfransk (19xx)(-)(no).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Talfransk (19xx)(-)(no)[a].zip
-   Talisman (1985)(Games Workshop).zip
-   Talisman (19xx)(Pegasus Software).zip
-   Talisman (19xx)(Terry Stygall).zip
-   Talisman Of Lost Souls (19xx)(The Guild).zip
-   Talking Heds (1990)(Hellenic Software)(128k).zip
-   Talking Hedz (1990)(Hellenic Software).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Talking Hedz (1990)(Hellenic Software)[a].zip
-   Talos (1985)(Silversoft).zip


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Hacked or Edited  Hacked or Edited
Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
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