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Hewlett Packard Hp48 roms

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 #   Rom Name 
-   48 Black Jack V1.0 (1990)(Ron Dippold).zip
-   48 Black Jack V1.0 (1990)(Ron Dippold)[doc].zip
-   Alloria In Peril (demo) (1996)(Capsule Corp.)(Fr).zip
-   Arkanoid Very Last Version (199x)(HP Mad)(Fr).zip
-   Around The World 2 (199x)(Jeremie F. Bellanger).zip
-   Around The World Ep1 (199x)(Jeremie F. Bellanger).zip
-   Around The World Ep2 (199x)(Jeremie F. Bellanger).zip
-   Asterix (199x)(-)(Fr).zip
-   Babal V2.0 (199x)(-)(U-FOOT).zip
-   Battle (199x)(HpRiP).zip
-   Black Jack (199x)(-)(Fr).zip
-   Black Jack (199x)(David Sprenkle).zip
-   Black Jack (199x)(David Sprenkle)[doc].zip
-   Black Jack (199x)(David Sprenkle)[src].zip
-   Blackjack V1.3 (199x)(Brian Sennello).zip
-   Blackjack V1.3 (199x)(Brian Sennello)[src].zip
-   Blak-Jack V1.0 (199x)(-).zip
-   Boulder DasHP (199x)(Davrame)(Fr)[cr X-or].zip
-   BZLib 97 (1997)(-).zip
-   Cardgolf V2.0 (1996)(Kai Huovinen & Pekko Luumi).zip
-   Cardgolf V2.0 (1996)(Kai Huovinen & Pekko Luumi)[doc].zip
-   CIA Map Viewer V1.0 (1995)(Mika Heiskanen).zip
-   CIA Map Viewer V1.0 (1995)(Mika Heiskanen)[doc].zip
-   Columns (199x)(Spartacus)(Fr)(GX).zip
-   Columns II (1993)(Yx & Spartacus)(Fr).zip
-   Cool Zip V0.9b (199x)(CoolHP).zip
-   Corazones V1.0 (1997)(DEAC Software).zip
-   Dames (2000)(HPRip).zip
-   Dist (199x)(Eric Bergman-Terrell).zip
-   Dist (199x)(Eric Bergman-Terrell)[doc].zip
-   Dist (199x)(Eric Bergman-Terrell)[src].zip
-   DM48 V0.2.0b (1999)(Gouri)(Fr).zip
-   Driving Fear (1993)(Grieves).zip
Bad Dump   Dungeon Master (199x)(Christophe Nguyen)[b].zip
-   Dungeon Master 48 V0.1.6 (1999)(Stephane Gourichon).zip
-   Dyna V0.0 (199x)(HP Mad)(Fr).zip
-   Eclipse (19xx)(DynHP & HPixel)(Fr).zip
-   Embryon V1.02g (1994)(High Power & Gandalf)(Fr).zip
-   Embryon V1.02g (1994)(High_Power & Gandalf)(Fr).zip
-   Excalibur (199x)(David Loncq)(Fr).zip
-   Fantasy (199X)(A.M.H.).zip
-   Final Legend VIII (199x)(Jeremie Bellanger).zip
-   Final Legend X-1 (199x)(Jeremie Bellanger).zip
-   Final Legend X-2 (199x)(Jeremie Bellanger).zip
-   Flash-compress (199X)(Arthur Patrouchev).zip
-   Freecell V1.0 (1999)(Bert Knops).zip
-   Freecell V1.0 (1999)(Bert Knops)[doc].zip
-   Garbage V1.3 (1993)(Detlef Mueller)(Fr).zip
-   HP Quest (demo) (199x)(Jeremie Bellanger).zip
-   HP Quest Part 1 - The Tower Of Doom (199x)(Jeremie Bellanger).zip


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Cracked And Working  Cracked And Working
Alternate Rom Dump  Alternate Rom Dump
Trainer or Cheats  Trainer or Cheats
Bug or Other Fix  Bug or Other Fix
Hacked or Edited  Hacked or Edited
Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
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