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Verified Good   B-Daman Bakugaiden - Victory Heno Michi (J) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   B-Daman Bakugaiden V - Final Mega Tune (J) [C][!].zip
-   B.C. Kid 2 (E) [S].zip
Verified Good   Babe And Friends (U) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Baby Felix - Halloween (E) (M6) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Baby T-Rex (UE) [!].zip
Verified Good   Backgammon (E) (M4) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Backgammon (J) [C][!].zip
-   Bakenou TV 94 (J) [S].zip
-   Bakenou V3 (J).zip
Verified Good   Bakukyuu Renpatsu!! Super B-Daman - Gekitan! Rising Valkyre!! (J) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu GB Special - Otoko Dokyou No Tenka Touitsu (J) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Bakusou Senki Metal Walker GB - Koutetsu No Yuujou (J) [C][!].zip
-   Bakuten Shoot Beyblade (J) [C].zip
Verified Good   Ballistic (U) [C][!].zip
-   Bamse (Sw).zip
-   Banishing Racer (J).zip
Verified Good   Barbie - Chasse Au Tresor Sous-marine (F) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Barbie - Fashion Pack Games (U) [C][!].zip
-   Barbie - Game Girl (U).zip
Verified Good   Barbie - Magic Genie Adventure (U) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Barbie - Meeresabenteuer (G) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Barbie - Ocean Discovery (E) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Barbie - Ocean Discovery (U) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Barbie - Pet Rescue (U) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Barca Total 2000 (E) (M7) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Barcode Taisen Bardigun (J) [C][!].zip
-   Baseball Kids (J).zip
Verified Good   Bases Loaded (U) [!].zip
Verified Good   Bass Masters Classic (U) [C][!].zip
Verified Good   Batman (JU) [!].zip
-   Batman - Return Of The Joker (J).zip
Verified Good   Batman - Return Of The Joker (U) [!].zip
-   Batman - The Animated Series (U).zip
Verified Good   Batman Beyond - Return Of The Joker (U) [C][!].zip
-   Batman Forever (J).zip
Verified Good   Batman Forever (U) [!].zip
Verified Good   Batman Of The Future - Return Of The Joker (E) (M3) [C][!].zip
-   Battle Arena Toshinden (E) [S].zip
-   Battle Arena Toshinden (J) [S].zip
Verified Good   Battle Arena Toshinden (U) [S][!].zip
Verified Good   Battle Bull (E) [!].zip
-   Battle Bull (J).zip
-   Battle Crusher (J) [S].zip
-   Battle Dodge Ball (J).zip
Verified Good   Battle Fishers (J) [C][!].zip
-   Battle Of Kingdom (J).zip
-   Battle Of Olympus, The (UE) (M5).zip
-   Battle Pingpong (J).zip
-   Battle Space (J).zip


Legend Key
Good Bad
Verified Good   Verified Good
Cracked And Working  Cracked And Working
Alternate Rom Dump  Alternate Rom Dump
Trainer or Cheats  Trainer or Cheats
Bug or Other Fix  Bug or Other Fix
Hacked or Edited  Hacked or Edited
Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
Bad Dump Bad Dump
Over Dump Over Dump


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