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-   UEFA Champions League 1996-97 (1996)(Eidos).zip
-   Ufo (1989)(Sublogic).zip
-   Ufo Enemy Unknown (1989)(Sublogic).zip
-   UFO Enemy Unknown (1994)(Microprose).zip
-   Ufo Enemy Unknown (1994)(Mythos Games).zip
-   Ugh (1992)(Playbyte).zip
-   Ulf (1993)(Freeware)(G).zip
-   Ulises (1987)(Opera Soft).zip
-   Ultima 4 Quest Of The Avatar (1985)(Origin).zip
-   Ultima 6 The False Prophet (1990)(Origin).zip
-   Ultima 7 Complete (1992)(Origin).zip
-   Ultima 7 Part 2 Serpent Isle (1993)(Origin).zip
-   Ultima 7 Part 2 Serpent Isle And The Silver Seed (1993)(Origin).zip
-   Ultima 7 Part 2 Serpent Isle Scanned Docs (1993)(Origin).zip
-   Ultima 7 The Black Gate (1992)(Origin).zip
-   Ultima 7 The Black Gate And Forge Of Virtue (1992)(Origin).zip
-   Ultima 8 Pagan (1994)(Origin)(Rev1).zip
-   Ultima 8 Pagan (1994)(Origin).zip
-   Ultima I The First Age Of Darkness (1986)(Origin Systems Inc).zip
-   Ultima II Revenge Of The Enchantress (1982)(Sierra Online).zip
-   Ultima III Exodus (1983)(Origin Systems Inc).zip
-   Ultima Iv Quest Of The Avatar (1985)(Origin Systems Inc).zip
-   Ultima Underworld 1 The Stygian Abyss (1992)(Blue Sky Productions)(Rev1).zip
-   Ultima Underworld 1 The Stygian Abyss (1992)(Blue Sky Productions).zip
-   Ultima Underworld 2 Labyrinth Of Worlds (1992)(Origin).zip
-   Ultima Underworld The Stygian Abyss (1992)(Origin Systems Inc).zip
-   Ultima V Warriors Of Destiny (1988)(Origin Systems Inc)(Rev).zip
-   Ultima V Warriors Of Destiny (1988)(Origin Systems Inc).zip
-   Ultima Vii Part Two Serpent Isle (1993)(Origin Systems Inc).zip
-   Ultima Vii The Black Gate (1992)(Origin Systems Inc).zip
-   Ultima Viii Pagan (1994)(Origin Systems Inc).zip
-   Ultima Viii Pagan Speech Pack (1994)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip
-   Ultima Worlds Of 2 Martian Dreams (1991)(Origin Systems Inc).zip
-   Ultima Worlds Of Adventure 2 Martian Dreams (1991)(Origin Systems).zip
-   Ultimate Backgammon (1994)(Sentient Software).zip
-   Ultimate Body Blows (1994)(Team 17).zip
-   Ultimate Cards (1992)(Micro League).zip
-   Ultimate Challenge Golf 2.0 (1993)(Friendly Software).zip
-   Ultimate Cheater (1994)(Copysoft).zip
-   Ultimate Doom, The (1995)(Id Software).zip
-   Ultimate Football 95 CD (1995)(Microprose).zip
-   Ultimate Gin (1993)(Accidential Software).zip
-   Ultimate Puzzle (1992)(Cascoly Software).zip
-   Ultimate Silly Graphics Demo (1990)(Dave Chess).zip
-   Ultimate Soccer Manager (1995)(Impressions).zip
-   Ultimate Soccer Manager 2 (1996)(Sierra Online).zip
-   Ultrabots (1993)(Electronic Arts).zip
-   Ultris The Ultimate Tetris (1992)(David Pritchard).zip
-   Ums II Nations At War (1990)(Rainbird Software).zip
-   Ums The Universal Military Simulator (1987)(Firebird Software Ltd).zip


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Trainer or Cheats  Trainer or Cheats
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Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
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