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Dos roms

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-   P47 (1989)(Microprose Software Inc).zip
-   Pac Girl (1982)(Al Jimenez)(Rev).zip
-   Pac Girl (1982)(Al Jimenez).zip
-   Pac In Time (1995)(Mindscape).zip
-   Pac Maniac (1993)(Champeau).zip
-   Pacific Strike (1994)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip
-   Pacific Strike Speech Pack (1994)(Electronic Arts).zip
-   Pacific Strike Update V2.01 (1994)(Electronic Arts).zip
-   Pacman (1984)(F Bataille).zip
-   Pacman (1984)(Rowan).zip
-   Pacmania (1990)(Sophisticated Software Systems).zip
-   Paganitzu Part 1 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip
-   Paganitzu Part 2 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip
-   Paganitzu Parts 1 To 3 (1993)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip
-   Pangea Return To Planet Earth (1993)(Interactive Computer Entertainment Inc).zip
-   Pango (1983)(Anonymous).zip
-   Panthers In The Shadows (1995)(HPS Simulations).zip
-   Panza Kick Boxing (1990)(Futura)(Rev1).zip
-   Panza Kick Boxing (1990)(Futura).zip
-   Panzer General (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)(Rev1).zip
-   Panzer General (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip
-   Panzer General Gold CD (1995)(SSI).zip
-   Paperboy (1986)(Mindscape Inc).zip
-   Paperboy 2 (1991)(Mindscape Inc).zip
-   Paperboy 2 (1991)(Mindscape).zip
-   Paratrooper (1982)(Orion Software Inc).zip
-   Paratrooper (1982)(Orion Software).zip
-   Patcher 6.1 (1991)(Michael Caldwell).zip
-   Patriot Games (1994)(Three Sixty Pacific).zip
-   Pawn (1986)(Rainbird Software).zip
-   Pc Bowl (1983)(Bareware Systems).zip
-   Pc Man (1982)(Orion Software).zip
-   Pc Pool (1983)(Dale Jurich).zip
-   Pc Rally (1995)(Freeware).zip
-   Pc Starglider 1 (1988)(Argonaut Software).zip
-   Pc Starglider 2 (1988)(Argonaut Software).zip
-   Pea Shootin Pete (1994)(Mindstorm Software).zip
-   Peach The Lobster (1994)(A To J Games).zip
-   Pente (1984)(Michael Leach).zip
-   Penthouse Electric Jigsaw (1990)(Anonymous).zip
-   Penthouse Hot Numbers (1992)(Magic Bytes).zip
-   Penthouse Hot Numbers Deluxe (1993)(Magic Bytes)(German).zip
-   Penthouse Majong (1993)(Tiny Team).zip
-   Peppers Adventures In Time (1993)(Sierra Online).zip
-   Per Oxyd (1993)(Dongleware Publishing Inc).zip
-   Perfect General 2, The (1995)(QQP).zip
-   Perfect General The (1991)(Ubisoft Entertainment).zip
-   Peter Pans Adventure (1993)(Electronic Arts).zip
-   Peter Schmeichel Soccer (1994)(Zeppelin Games).zip
-   PGA European Tour (1996)(Electronic Arts).zip


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