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Dos roms

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-   O Pong (1986)(Freeware).zip
-   Obitus (1991)(Psygnosis).zip
-   Obliterator (1988)(Avalon Interactive).zip
-   Ocean Trader (1995)(Software 2000).zip
-   Offensive CD (1996)(Ocean Software).zip
-   Oh No More Lemmings (1991)(Psygnosis).zip
-   Oh No More Lemmings Data Disk (1991)(Psygnosis).zip
-   Oil Imperium (1989)(Softgold).zip
-   Old Gold Russian (1997)(Gelios).zip
-   Oliver And Company (1989)(Coktel Vision).zip
-   Olympic Games Multilanguage (1996)(US Gold)(En-De).zip
-   Olympic Games Winners Edition (1996)(US Gold).zip
-   Olympic Soccer (1996)(US Gold).zip
-   Olympique De Marseille (1994)(Ocean).zip
-   Omega Complex (1989)(Origin Systems Inc).zip
-   Omnicron Conspiracy (1989)(First Star Software).zip
-   On The Ball (1993)(Ascaron).zip
-   On The Ball League Edition (1994)(Ascon).zip
-   On The Ball World Cup Edition (1994)(Ascon).zip
-   One Must Fall (1992)(Rob Elam).zip
-   One Must Fall 2097 (1994)(Diversions Entertainment).zip
-   One Must Fall 2097 (1994)(Epic Megagames Inc).zip
-   One Must Fall 2097 Original Install (1994)(Diversions Entertainment).zip
-   One Step Beyond (1993)(Ocean).zip
-   Onesimus A Quest For Freedom (1993)(Ark Multimedia).zip
-   Oo Topos (1986)(Polarware Penguin Software Inc).zip
-   Operation Body Count (1994)(Capstone Software)(Rev).zip
-   Operation Body Count (1994)(Capstone Software).zip
-   Operation Body Count (1994)(Capstone).zip
-   Operation Carnage (1992)(Beaucomm Interactive).zip
-   Operation Combat 2 (1993)(Merit Software).zip
-   Operation Crusader (1994)(-).zip
-   Operation Europe Path To Victory 1939 To 45 (1993)(Koei Co Ltd).zip
-   Operation Market Garden Drive On Arnhem September 1944 (1985)(Strategic).zip
-   Operation Overlord (1994)(Rowan Software).zip
-   Operation Overlord Original Install (1994)(Virgin Interactive).zip
-   Operation Overlord Svga (1994)(Virgin Interactive).zip
-   Operation Wolf (1988)(Taito Corporation)(Rev).zip
-   Operation Wolf (1988)(Taito Corporation)(Rev2).zip
-   Operation Wolf (1988)(Taito Corporation).zip
-   Orbits (1992)(Winter Tech)(F).zip
-   Oregon Trail (1990)(Mecc).zip
-   Origamo (1994)(Destiny Software Productions).zip
-   Orion Comspiracy CD, The (1995)(Domark).zip
-   Orion Conspiracy (1995)(Domark)(F).zip
-   Orion Project (1994)(Joel Strawn).zip
-   Oscar (1993)(Flair Software).zip
-   Osiris (1994)(Pixlers Entertainment).zip
-   Othello 1.5 (1986)(Jon Shemitz).zip
-   Out Of This World (1991)(Interplay).zip


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