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-   F 14 Fleet Defender (1994)(Microprose Software Inc).zip
-   F 14 Tomcat (1990)(Activision).zip
-   F-22 Lightning 2 (1996)(Novalogic).zip
-   F1 Grand Prix 2 Racing (1996)(Spectrum Holobyte).zip
-   F14 Fleet Defender Scenario And Mission Builder (1994)(Microprose).zip
-   F14 Tomcat (1990)(Activision Publishing Inc).zip
-   F14 Tomcat (1990)(Dynamix).zip
-   F14 Tomcat Fleet Defender (1994)(Microprose).zip
-   F15 Strike Eagle I (1986)(Microprose Software Inc).zip
-   F15 Strike Eagle II (1989)(Microprose Software Inc).zip
-   F15 Strike Eagle III (1993)(Microprose Software Inc).zip
-   F16 Combat Pilot (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip
-   F16 Combat Pilot Enhanced (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip
-   F19 Stealth Fighter (1987)(Microprose Software Inc).zip
-   F29 Retaliator (1989)(Ocean).zip
-   F40 Interceptor Cga (1989)(Titus Interactive).zip
-   F40 Interceptor Ega (1989)(Titus Interactive).zip
-   Fable (1996)(Telstar Electronic Studios).zip
-   Face Off (1987)(Gamestar).zip
-   Face Off (1989)(Mindspan).zip
-   Facts In Action (1994)(Spirit Of Discover).zip
-   Fade To Black (1995)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip
-   Fade To Black Cd (1995)(Delphine Software Intl).zip
-   Faery Tale Adventure (1988)(Micro Illusions).zip
-   Faery Tale Adventure 2 Halls Of The Dead (1997)(The Dreamers Guild).zip
-   Falcon (1987)(Spectrum Holobyte Inc).zip
-   Falcon 3 Hornet Naval Strike Fighter (1993)(Spectrum Holobyte).zip
-   Falcon 3.0 (1991)(Sphere).zip
-   Falcon At (1988)(Spectrum Holobyte Inc).zip
-   Family Feud (1987)(Sharedata Inc).zip
-   Family Feud Enhanced (1989)(Sharedata Inc).zip
-   Fantastic Adventures Of Dizzy (1994)(Codemasters).zip
-   Fantastic Dizzy (1994)(Codemasters).zip
-   Fantastic Four (1985)(Loadngo Software).zip
-   Fantasy Empires (1993)(Silicon Knights).zip
-   Fantasy Empires V1.1 Patch Disk (1994)(SSI).zip
-   Fantasy Football 95 (1995)(Franchise Football League).zip
-   Fantasy General (1996)(SSI).zip
-   Fantasy Pinball (1994)(21st Century Entertainment).zip
-   Fantasy World Dizzy (1990)(Codemasters).zip
-   Fascination (1991)(Coktel Vision).zip
-   Fast Attack CD (1996)(Sierra Online).zip
-   Fast Break (1988)(Accolade).zip
-   Fast Food (1989)(Codemasters).zip
-   Fastfood Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters).zip
-   Fatal Challenge (1992)(Minh Ma).zip
-   Fatal Racing (1995)(Gremlin Interactive).zip
-   Fatal Racing CD (1995)(Gremlin Interactive).zip
-   Fates Of Twinion V1.0 (1993)(Sierra Online).zip


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Alternate Rom Dump  Alternate Rom Dump
Trainer or Cheats  Trainer or Cheats
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Hacked or Edited  Hacked or Edited
Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
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