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Dos roms

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-   B 17 Flying Fortress (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev1).zip
-   B 17 Flying Fortress (1993)(Microprose Software Inc).zip
-   B1 Nuclear Bomber (1980)(Avalon Interactive).zip
-   B17 Flying Fortress (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev).zip
-   B17 Flying Fortress (1992)(Microprose Software Inc).zip
-   Baal (1988)(Psygnosis).zip
-   Baby Jo In Going Home (1991)(Loriciel)(Rev1).zip
-   Back To Baghdad (1996)(Military Sim).zip
-   Back To The Future 3 (1991)(Probe Software).zip
-   Back To The Future Part II (1990)(Image Works Mirrorsoft).zip
-   Backlash A Turret Gunner Simulation (1996)(Sanctuary Software Studio).zip
-   Bad Blood (1990)(Origin Systems Inc).zip
-   Bad Blood 94 (1994)(Origin).zip
-   Bad Cat (1987)(Rainbow Arts).zip
-   Bad Dudes (1988)(Data East Corporation).zip
-   Bad Street Brawler (1987)(Mindscape Inc).zip
-   Badman A Night With Troi (1991)(Badman).zip
-   Balance (1993)(Kingsoft).zip
-   Balance Of Power (1985)(Mindscape Inc).zip
-   Balance Of The Planet (1990)(Incredible Technologies).zip
-   Baldies (1995)(Creative Edge).zip
-   Ballistix (1989)(Psygnosis).zip
-   Ballrace (1988)(Carl Mclawhorn).zip
-   Ballyhoo (1986)(Infocom).zip
-   Bananoid (1991)(Banana Development Inc).zip
-   Banatron (1989)(Xtc).zip
-   Bandit Kings Of Ancient China (1989)(Koei Co Ltd).zip
-   Bank Street Music Writer (1986)(Mindscappic).zip
-   Banyon Wars (1990)(William Soleau).zip
-   Bar Games (1989)(Accolade).zip
-   Barbarian (1987)(Mastertronic).zip
-   Barbarian II Dungeons Of Drax (1988)(Epyx).zip
-   Barbie Super Model (1996)(Hi Tech Expressions).zip
-   Bards Tale Construction Set (1991)(Interplay).zip
-   Bards Tale Construction Set The (1991)(Interplay).zip
-   Bards Tale II The Destiny Knight (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip
-   Bards Tale III Thief Of Fate (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip
-   Bards Tale The (1985)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip
-   Bargon Attack (1992)(Coktel Vision)(F).zip
-   Bargon Attack (1992)(Coktel Vision).zip
-   Barney Bear Goes To School (1991)(Free Spirit).zip
-   Barney Bear Goes To Space (1992)(Free Spirit).zip
-   Baryon (1995)(Acro Studios).zip
-   Basket Master (1990)(Dinamic Software).zip
-   Basket Master (1990)(Dinamic).zip
-   Basketball Challenge (1987)(Xor Corporation).zip
-   Basstour (1992)(Dick Olsen).zip
-   BAT 2 The Koshan Conspiracy (1992)(Computers Dream).zip
-   Bat (1990)(Ubisoft Entertainment).zip
-   Bataille Pour Sirius (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)(F).zip


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