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Dos roms

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-   A Dudley Dilemna (1989)(Lane Barrow).zip
-   A IV Network$ (1995)(Infogrames).zip
-   A Line In The Sand (1992)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip
-   A Mind Forever Voyaging (1985)(Infocom).zip
-   A Nightmare On Elm Street (1989)(Monarch Software).zip
-   A Nightmare On Elm Street 1.0 (1989)(Monarch Software).zip
-   A Train (1992)(Maxis Software Inc)(Rev).zip
-   A Train (1992)(Maxis Software Inc).zip
-   A Train Construction Set (1992)(Ocean).zip
-   A10 Tank Killer (1989)(Dynamix).zip
-   A10 Tank Killer (1991)(Dynamix).zip
-   A10 Tank Killer Enhanced (1989)(Dynamix).zip
-   A320 Airbus (1991)(Thalion Software).zip
-   A320 Airbus European Mission Disk (1993)(Thalion).zip
-   A320 Airbus USA Edition (1993)(Thalion).zip
-   Aaargh (1988)(Arcadia).zip
-   Abandoned Places A Time For Heroes (1992)(International Computer Entertainment Ltd).zip
-   Abc Monday Night Football (1989)(Abc Interactive).zip
-   Abc Wide World Of Sport Boxing (1991)(Data East Corporation).zip
-   Abrams Battle Tank (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip
-   Absolut Vodka Virtual Museum (1994)(Absolut).zip
-   Absolute Pinball (1996)(21st Century Entertainment).zip
-   Absolute Zero (1996)(Domark).zip
-   Abuse (1995)(Crack Dot Com)(Rev1).zip
-   Abuse (1995)(Crack Dot Com).zip
-   Accordion (1990)(Softdisk Publishing).zip
-   Ace Air Combat Emulator (1986)(Spinnaker).zip
-   Ace Of Aces (1987)(Accolade).zip
-   Ace Of Aces 2 (1987)(Accolade).zip
-   Aces Of The Deep (1994)(Sierra Online).zip
-   Aces Of The Pacific (1992)(Sierra Online).zip
-   Aces Of The Pacific WWII 1946 (1992)(Dynamix).zip
-   Aces Over Europe (1993)(Dynamix)(Rev1).zip
-   Aces Over Europe (1993)(Dynamix).zip
-   Acheton (1990)(Topologika).zip
-   Acid Tetris (1998)(Jason Pimble).zip
-   Ack Ack Attack (1996)(Kurt Dekker).zip
-   Ackack (1995)(Plbm).zip
-   Action Fighter (1986)(Firebird Software Ltd Kixx).zip
-   Action Fighter (1994)(Chinese).zip
-   Action In The North Atlantic (1989)(General Quarters Software).zip
-   Action Soccer (1995)(Ludi Media).zip
-   Action Soccer (1995)(Ubisoft Entertainment).zip
-   Action Stations (1991)(Raw Simulations).zip
-   Action Super Cross (1993)(Ervin Horvath).zip
-   Action Supercross (1998)(Bal).zip
-   Activision Adventure Pack (1995)(Infocom).zip
-   Actobots (1989)(Scott Emmons).zip
-   Actua Soccer (1995)(Gremlin Interactive).zip
-   Advanced Civilization (1995)(Microprose Software Inc).zip


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