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Atari 8-bit roms

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-   D-Bug (1982)(Electronic Arts).zip
-   D-Bug (1983)(Electronic Arts).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   D-Bug (1983)(Electronic Arts)[a].zip
Bad Dump   D-Bug (1983)(Electronic Arts)[b].zip
-   Da Fuzz (1983)(Roklan).zip
-   Dagobar - Captain Gather Znowu W Akcji (1993)(Avalon)(Cz)[cr Master A].zip
-   Dallas Quest, The (1984)(Datasoft)(Side A).zip
-   Dallas Quest, The (1984)(Datasoft)(Side B).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Dallas Quest, The (1984)(Datasoft)[a](Side A).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Dallas Quest, The (1984)(Datasoft)[a](Side B).zip
-   Dan Strikes Back (1984)(English).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Dan Strikes Back (1984)(English)[a].zip
-   Dance Fantasy (1984)(Fisher-Price).zip
-   Dancing Feats (1983)(Softsync)(OSb).zip
-   Dancing Feats (1983)(Softsync).zip
-   Dandy (1983)(APX).zip
-   Dandy (1983)(APX)[CHAOS Menu].zip
Bad Dump   Dandy Dungeon Levels 1 (198x)(APX)[b].zip
-   Dandy Dungeon Levels 2 (198x)(APX).zip
-   Dandy Dungeon Levels 3 (198x)(APX).zip
-   Dandy Dungeon Levels 4 (198x)(APX).zip
-   Dandy Dungeon Levels 5 (198x)(APX).zip
-   Dandy Dungeon Levels 6 (198x)(APX).zip
-   Danger Ranger (1984)(MIcrodeal).zip
-   Darg (1987)(Darren Randles).zip
-   Dark Abyss (19xx)(Mirage)(Pl).zip
-   Dark Chambers (1988)(Atari).zip
-   Dark Star (1982)(K.H. Rinne)(OSb).zip
-   Darkness Hour (1992)(L.K. Avalon)(Pl).zip
-   Darkness Hour (1992)(L.K. Avalon)(Pl)[cr Mr. Bacardi].zip
-   Darkstar (19xx)(Michael Mitchell).zip
-   Darts (1981)(Thorn EMI).zip
-   Das Anty Adolf Demo (19xx)(-)(Pl).zip
-   Das Omen (1989)(The German Chaotics)(De).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Das Omen (1989)(The German Chaotics)(De)[a2].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Das Omen (1989)(The German Chaotics)(De)[a].zip
-   Data Perfect (19xx)(-).zip
-   Dataset Utility Dump 1.0 (1985)(Gary C.Crider).zip
-   Datasoft Demo (1983)(Datasoft)[3 Games].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Datasoft Demo (1983)(Datasoft)[a][Zaxxon].zip
-   Datasoft Demo (1983)(Datasoft)[Zaxxon].zip
-   Davids Midnight Magic (1982-1987)(Atari & Broderbund).zip
-   Daxey Demo, The (1992)(Adrian Galinski)(Pl).zip
-   Daxey Music (1994)(Daxey)(Pl).zip
-   DBase 1 - YES (19xx)(-).zip
-   Dbase 1 Trivia (1984)(-).zip
-   Dcopy 1.03 (1986)(-)[m R.E.Walden].zip
-   Dcopy 1.05 (1987)(-)[m R.E.Walden].zip
-   Dcopy! (1987-07-14)(Hawke).zip
-   DDD (1994)(Glonisz)(Pl).zip


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Cracked And Working  Cracked And Working
Alternate Rom Dump  Alternate Rom Dump
Trainer or Cheats  Trainer or Cheats
Bug or Other Fix  Bug or Other Fix
Hacked or Edited  Hacked or Edited
Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
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