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Acorn Electron roms

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Alternate Rom Dump   Ballistix (1989)(Superior Software - Acornsoft)[a].zip
-   Ballistix (1989)(Superior Software-Acornsoft).zip
-   Balloon Buster (1989)(Blue Ribbon).zip
-   Bandits At 3 OClock (198x)(Program Power).zip
-   Banished Prince, The (198x)(Orbit).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Bar Billiards (1987)(Blue Riboon)[a].zip
-   Bar Billiards (1987)(MP Software).zip
-   Barbarian (1987-88)(Palace Software-Superior Software).zip
-   Barbarian II (1988-89)(Palace Software-Superior Software).zip
-   Baron (198x)(Superior Software).zip
-   Battle 1917 (198x)(CCS).zip
-   Battlezone 2000 (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien).zip
-   Battlezone Six (1986)(Micropower).zip
-   BBC Video Fruit Machine (1982)(Aligata Software).zip
-   Beach-head (1984)(U.S. Gold).zip
-   Beeb Trek (1983)(CDS Software).zip
-   Bert Boot (1984)(Highlight Software).zip
-   Best Of Acorn User, The (198x)(Acorn User).zip
-   Big KO, The (1987)(Software Creations).zip
-   Biology (1984)(Acornsoft-Ivan Berg Software).zip
-   Birdie Barrage (198x)(J. Keyne).zip
Bad Dump   Birds Of Prey (1983)(J. Keyne)[b].zip
-   Blagger (198x)(J. Keyne).zip
-   Blagger (198x)(Superior Software).zip
-   Blast! (1989)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.).zip
-   Blast! (1989)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.)[tape].zip
-   Blitzkrieg (1984)(Software Invasion).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Blitzkrieg (1984)(Software Invasion)[a][tap].zip
-   Block Busters - Gold Run (1985)(Macsen Software).zip
-   Blockbusters (1984)(Macsen Software).zip
-   Blood Of The Mutineers! - A Captain Blizzard Adventure (1988)(Robico).zip
-   Blue Dragon (1983-84)(MP Software).zip
-   Bobby Charlton Soccer (1985)(D.A.C.C. Software).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Boffins 2 - Brilliant Bouncing Boffins (1985)(Addictive Game)[a].zip
-   Bomber Baron (1985)(Optyx Software).zip
-   Bonecruncher (198x)(Superior Software).zip
-   Bonecruncher (19xx)(Superior Software).zip
-   Boss, The (198x)(-).zip
Bad Dump   Boulderdash (198x)(First Step Software)[b].zip
-   Boxer (1984)(Acornsoft).zip
-   Bozo The Brave (198x)(Tynesoft).zip
-   Breakthrough (1988)(IJK Software).zip
-   Brian Cloughs Football Fortunes (1987)(CDS Software).zip
-   Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge (1985)(Martech).zip
-   Bridgemaster (1983)(J. Keyne)(Tape 1 Of 4).zip
-   Bridgemaster (1983)(J. Keyne)(Tape 2 Of 4).zip
-   Bridgemaster (1983)(J. Keyne)(Tape 3 Of 4).zip
-   Bridgemaster (1983)(J. Keyne)(Tape 4 Of 4).zip
-   Brilliant Bouncing Boffins (1985)(Addictive Games)[modified].zip
-   Bruce Forsyths Play Your Cards Right (198x)(-).zip


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