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Acorn Bbc Micro roms

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-   Hacker 2000 (1984)(Micrograf)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Hacker Jargon (1985)(8-Bit)(Disk 1 Of 4)(TMB-91-1)[bootfile].zip
-   Hacker Jargon (1985)(8-Bit)(Disk 2 Of 4)(TMB-91-2)[bootfile].zip
-   Hacker Jargon (1985)(8-Bit)(Disk 3 Of 4)(TMB-91-3)[bootfile].zip
-   Hacker Jargon (1985)(8-Bit)(Disk 4 Of 4)(TMB-91-4)[bootfile].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Hacker, The (19xx)(Firebird)[a][HACKER Start].zip
-   Hacker, The (19xx)(Firebird)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Hacker, The (19xx)(Firebird)[HACKER Start].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Ham - Utilities V2.21 (1984)(Tim Alsop)[a][RUN !BOOT Start].zip
-   Ham - Utilities V2.21 (1984)(Tim Alsop)[RUN !BOOT Start].zip
-   Ham Radio Programs (19xx)(-)[h 8-Bit](TBI-73-D)[bootfile].zip
Bad Dump   Hampstead (19xx)(-)[b2].zip
Bad Dump   Hampstead (19xx)(-)[b].zip
-   Hampstead (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Hangdroid (1982)(Micromode)[a][HANGDRD Start].zip
-   Hangdroid (1982)(Micromode)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Hangdroid (1982)(Micromode)[HANGDRD Start].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Hangman (1982)(IJK)[a2][HANGMAN Start].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Hangman (1982)(IJK)[a3][HANGMAN Start].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Hangman (1982)(IJK)[a][HANGMAN Start].zip
-   Hangman (1982)(IJK)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Hangman (1982)(IJK)[HANGMAN Start].zip
-   Hangman (1984)(Sifma Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Hangman (1985)(Blue Ribbon)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Hangman (19xx)(Paul Forrest)[HANGMAN Start].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Hareraiser (19xx)(Haresoft)[a][HARE Start].zip
-   Hareraiser (19xx)(Haresoft)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Hareraiser (19xx)(Haresoft)[HARE Start].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Harmony (1983)(Doctor Soft)[a][HARMONY Start].zip
-   Harmony (1983)(Doctor Soft)[HARMONY Start].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Archive Utilities (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-16)[various Start].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Black & CJR File Archiver V2.00 (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-5)[ARCHIVE Start].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Database Utilities (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-12)[bootfile].zip
-   Harston PD Library - DOS Utilities (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-15)[INTRO Start].zip
Bad Dump   Harston PD Library - EcoMenu (19xx)(J.G. Harston)[b](JGH-14).zip
-   Harston PD Library - Gobbler And Life (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-23)[various Start].zip
-   Harston PD Library - HADFS Disk (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-2).zip
-   Harston PD Library - Ikon System (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-21)[bootfile].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Informant Help (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-17)[bootfile].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Mugins Level 2 (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-24)[bootfile].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Music Programs (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-8)[bootfile].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Music Programs 2 (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-13)[bootfile].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Music Utilities (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-20)[bootfile].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Paint (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-22)[bootfile].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Screen Pictures (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-11)[bootfile].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Screen Pictures (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-4)[bootfile].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Telextext Programs (1991)(J.G. Harston)[bootfile].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Utilities (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-18)[various Start].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Utilities (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-3)[various Start].zip
-   Harston PD Library - Utilities (19xx)(J.G. Harston)(JGH-6)[various Start].zip


Legend Key
Good Bad
Verified Good   Verified Good
Cracked And Working  Cracked And Working
Alternate Rom Dump  Alternate Rom Dump
Trainer or Cheats  Trainer or Cheats
Bug or Other Fix  Bug or Other Fix
Hacked or Edited  Hacked or Edited
Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
Bad Dump Bad Dump
Over Dump Over Dump


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