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Colossus 4 Bridge (1986)(CDS Microsystems)[a2].zip


Bombyx (F) (19xx).zip


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Acorn 8bit roms

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-   B+ MOS (19xx)(-).zip
-   BASIC (1981)(Acorn).zip
-   BASIC (1982)(Acorn).zip
-   BASIC Booster (1989)(Beebug).zip
-   BASIC Editor V1.32 (1984)(Acornsoft).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   BASIC Editor V1.32 (1984)(Acornsoft)[a].zip
-   BASIC Extensions V1.20 (1984)(R. Florance-R. Harrison).zip
-   BASIC2 (1982)(Acorn).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   BASIC2 (1982)(Acorn)[a].zip
-   BASIC2 65C02 (1982)(Acorn).zip
-   BASIC3 (1983)(Acorn).zip
-   BASIC4 (1984)(Acorn).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   BASIC4 (1984)(Acorn)[a].zip
-   BASIC48 (1986)(Acorn).zip
-   BBC Terminal - Control Rom V0.23 (1983)(Cambridge).zip
-   BCPL V7.0 (1982)(Richards Computer Products).zip
-   Beast V1.7 (19xx)(-).zip
-   Beebase-1 V1.06 (1983)(T. Rae).zip
-   BeeBASE-1 V1.07 (1984)(T. Rae).zip
-   BeebCalc V1.2B (19xx)(-).zip
-   BeebCalc V1.2D (19xx)(-).zip
-   BeebCalc V1.2E (19xx)(-).zip
-   BeebCOM (1986)(Brutantals).zip
-   BeebFlex CUBE 6809 Monitor (1984)(Control Universal).zip
-   BeebFont (19xx)(Watford Electronics).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   BeebFont (19xx)(Watford Electronics)[a].zip
-   BeebMan V1.2 (1985)(Slogger).zip
-   BeebMon (1983)(A.C. Bray).zip
-   BeebPen V1.1 (1983)(Braintech).zip
-   BeebROM V1.00 (1983)(H. Soft).zip
-   BeebTel V2.00 (19xx)(Turtle).zip
-   Bitstik ROM V2 (1985)(Robocom).zip
-   Bitstik Service ROM V1.0 (19xx)(Robocom).zip
-   Blower (19xx)(G. P. Williams).zip
-   BROM Plus V1.02 (1986)(B. Harley).zip
-   BS-DOS V2.22 (1985)(M. Sein).zip
-   Buffer And Backup ROM (19xx)(Watford Electronics).zip
-   Buffer V1.0 (19xx)(D. Lawrence).zip


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