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Turbografx 16 roms

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 #   Rom Name 
Bad Dump   Daichikun Crisis (J) [b1].zip
Over Dump   Daichikun Crisis (J) [o1].zip
-   Daichikun Crisis (J).zip
Bad Dump   Daimakaimura (J) (SGX) [b1].zip
-   Daimakaimura (J) (SGX).zip
-   Daimakaimura
Alternate Rom Dump   Daisenpuu (J) [a1].zip
-   Daisenpuu (J).zip
-   Daisenpuu
Bad Dump   Darius Alpha (J) [b1].zip
-   Darius Alpha (J).zip
Bad Dump   Darius Plus (J) (SGX) [b1].zip
Bad Dump   Darius Plus (J) (SGX) [b2].zip
Hacked or Edited   Darius Plus (J) (SGX) [h1].zip
Over Dump   Darius Plus (J) (SGX) [o1].zip
Over Dump   Darius Plus (J) (SGX) [o2].zip
-   Darius Plus (J) (SGX).zip
-   Darius Plus
Bad Dump   Darkwing Duck (U) [b1].zip
Bad Dump   Darkwing Duck (U) [b2].zip
Hacked or Edited   Darkwing Duck (U) [h1].zip
-   Darkwing Duck (U).zip
Hacked or Edited   Davis Cup Tennis (U) [h1].zip
-   Davis Cup Tennis (U).zip
Bad Dump   Dead Moon (U) [b1].zip
Hacked or Edited   Dead Moon (U) [h1].zip
-   Dead Moon (U).zip
Bad Dump   Dead Moon - Tsuki Sekai No Akumu (J) [b1].zip
-   Dead Moon - Tsuki Sekai No Akumu (J).zip
Hacked or Edited   Deep Blue (U) [h1].zip
-   Deep Blue (U).zip
-   Deep Blue - Kaitei Shinwa (J).zip
Bad Dump   Detana!! TwinBee (J) [b1].zip
Bad Dump   Detana!! TwinBee (J) [b2].zip
Bad Dump   Detana!! TwinBee (J) [b3].zip
Over Dump   Detana!! TwinBee (J) [o1].zip
-   Detana!! TwinBee (J).zip
-   Detana!! TwinBee
Over Dump   Devil Crash (J) [o1].zip
-   Devil Crash (J).zip
Bad Dump Over Dump   Devils Crush (U) [b1][o1].zip
Hacked or Edited   Devils Crush (U) [h1].zip
Over Dump   Devils Crush (U) [o1].zip
-   Devils Crush (U).zip
-   Devils Crush
-   Die Hard (J).zip
Public Domain or Free   Digit Print Sample (PD).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Digital Champ (J) [a1].zip
Bad Dump   Digital Champ (J) [b1].zip
Bad Dump   Digital Champ (J) [b2].zip


Legend Key
Good Bad
Verified Good   Verified Good
Cracked And Working  Cracked And Working
Alternate Rom Dump  Alternate Rom Dump
Trainer or Cheats  Trainer or Cheats
Bug or Other Fix  Bug or Other Fix
Hacked or Edited  Hacked or Edited
Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
Bad Dump Bad Dump
Over Dump Over Dump


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